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Social Distancing Fundraiser Ideas for Schools

Social Distancing Fundraiser Ideas for Schools


In-person campaigns aren’t the only way to raise money for institutions. There are social distancing fundraiser ideas for schools that you can follow! Review these ideas and select your preferred strategy.

Online Donation Page

A simple fundraiser idea is using online donation pages. This straightforward concept doesn’t require in-person money collection, making it perfect for social distancing. Participants receive a link to the donation page and send funds through it.

This method is quick, easy, and great for all aspects of school. For instance, you can make online donation pages for baseball fundraisers for the school’s team or create a page for the science club. Everyone can benefit from this short and sweet fundraising strategy.

Direct Mail Campaign

A direct mail campaign is a traditional fundraising method that doesn’t require in-person interaction. You’ll send printed letters to people asking for school donations.

For a successful campaign, you need a friendly letter with a clear call to action. It’s also best to connect with potential donors on a personal level. This way, they’ll be more than happy to support the school.

The only tricky part about direct mail campaigns is defining the target audience. Select people who will likely help the school, such as parents and alums.

Online Silent Auction

In-person auctions are exhilarating as people bid on different prizes. However, quiet bidding is just as fun too. An online silent auction is another social distancing fundraiser idea for schools. Create a web page for items or services and allow people to bid on them. Typically, auctions are one-day events where organizations announce winners during the party. For an online auction, you can extend the bidding period to give people enough time to participate.

Amazon Wishlist

If your school’s fundraiser goal is to raise money for tangible items, consider starting an Amazon Wishlist page. Like a wedding registry, it’s a page with desired products for the school. Notebooks, desk organizers, and calculators are examples of classroom must-haves you might request. You can also ask for items for extracurricular activities, such as sports equipment. This is a great, no-contact way of receiving the supplies you need!

Social Media Challenge

Do you remember the popularity of the Ice Bucket Challenge? Bring back social media challenges for your fundraiser. Challenge your donors to participate in a fun activity, post the evidence on social media, donate to your school, and encourage their friends to participate. A few challenge ideas include filming a video of a silly dance, sharing a school-related memory, or showcasing a hidden talent.